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The  Dream Team


   Planner + Wedding Manager + Officiant + Decor Specialist 


I LOVE making people happy, and am genuinely passionate about weddings. Details, laughter, beautiful quotes, and great jazz inspire me. Everything we do comes from a place of love, gratitude, integrity, and happiness, and it's our pleasure to give 110% to every wedding that we do. Prior to wedding planning, I worked for multiple large retailers as a manager and visual merchandising supervisor. My merchandising and styling background has proven invaluable in facilitating my organizational skills and design creativity as a wedding designer, coordinator and planner. You can trust me to execute all of the details that are involved in creating the wedding of your dreams, and it's my job to make every moment and detail count.

Months have just been spent planning your wedding ~ you and your families deserve to just relax and enjoy your big day! 

I look forward to getting to know you, and helping to make your wedding day one of the happiest days of your life.





        Adventure Elopement Officiant + Wedding Manager


Hi, I'm Tom, and I've been an assistant coordinator and Officiant with this company for the last 7 years. I really enjoy working with couples from all walks of life, and have met so many great people helping couples with their ceremonies and Officiating their wedding day.  My specialty is doing adventure elopement ceremonies in different and unique places, whether that means hiking 2 miles to the top of a mountain, sailing out into the middle of the ocean, or biking to your favorite spot in the woods. I love the outdoors and bringing two people together in marriage anywhere in nature is what I love. I look forward to the adventures we're going to have together!


Wedding Coordinator + Officiant + Decor Specialist


I have a serious love for everything weddings.
I encourage couples to embrace the traditional elements of a wedding, but also sprinkle hints of their own personality and style into their day. Timeless elegance with a modern twist, beautifully tied together with friends and family create the well-crafted moments that people remember the most!
I thrive on ensuring that your thoughtful details are organized and executed as you’ve envisioned. Your wedding day is the one time in your life that all the people you love will surround you and your new spouse;  you deserve to soak up every moment.
I am excited and welcome the opportunity to be a part of your happily ever after!


Assistant Wedding coordinator + Lighting specialist + Decor specialist


 I'm Janell and my goal is to ensure your wedding day is full of love and laughter! Your wedding day is full of happiness with friends and family and it's my job as an assistant coordinator to make sure you are able to spend the day with the people you love. My training in conflict resolution and problem solving skills along with my eye for detail allow me to take the reins while you relax and enjoy your wedding. My favorite part of the day is getting a behind the scenes look and seeing the excitement on everyone's faces moments before the ceremony begins. Weddings are the greatest gathering of love and support for the new couple.  I look forward to be a helping hand during one of life's happiest moments!

At Wedding Angel Events, our values are central to our business.

Get to know our core values and experience the Wedding Angel Events difference.


We value family and marriage and are honored to support you as you begin your new life.


We believe in cultivating friendships with our couples that continue on long past their wedding day


We are passionate about the details, and believe that your wedding should be a  reflection of you both 


We believe that every couple deserves peace of mind on their wedding day 

Fun Facts


We speak fluent in 

timelines, checklists

and details.


The answer is simple. We allow you to enjoy both your wedding day to its fullest from start to finish.

  • We take the stress out of your wedding day so you and your families are able to soak up and enjoy every special moment.

  • We make sure your wedding day reflects your personalities and personal style so your big day is what you’ve always envisioned.

  • We prepare our couples with the information and detail they need to fully understand how their wedding day will unfold, leaving no questions unasked.

  • We are on top of every detail so you can focus on getting married, not the behind-the-scenes logistics.

  • We proactively anticipate issues that could have spelled disaster and provide solutions even before guests arrive.

  • We show patience and grace while coordinating with family, friends and other guests. Our feathers are rarely ruffled!

  • We manage your team of vendors and ensure that the look and experience was exactly what you envision.


We are your professional friends!

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