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Epic weddings don't  just  happen -

 they are masterfully planned!

Every couple has a vision for their wedding day, and seeing that vision manifested to your expectations is our number one goal. We are known for our warm, down-to-earth, non pretentious, playful approach to full-service planning and our abilities to make every clients event or wedding truly unique and special. After all, this is more than your wedding; it’s months and weeks leading up to your big day, and they should be filled with spectacular moments—from that first time you walk through our doors to those first steps into your new life.

With our full planning, we'll work together every step of the way, ensuring no design detail or event logistic is overlooked. With this package, you (and your guests!) will be thoroughly taken care of at every turn and expertly guided through the process. 

This service is our most all-encompassing service, and allows you the flexibility and benefit of unlimited communication and planning meetings. We guide you through every step of the planning process: budget creation & monitoring, guest list creation & management, venue selection, floral design, overall guest experience, rentals, & other decor, transportation, wedding attire, ceremony & reception music, food & beverage, timeline creation--and more! We work one-on-one with each of your wedding vendors to artfully manage the process, ensuring that you are involved in the decisions, but are able to focus on enjoying your engagement--while we handle the legwork and heavy lifting! 

 "Ali and Bev were nothing short of FANTASTIC!"


"They were our guides the whole way! They are well organized and made sure we knew all of our options. They kept checklists, set appointments for us, researched local vendors and knows every detail about how to plan a wedding. Nothing was missed! On the day of our wedding, the day flowed perfectly, and we owe so much of that to Bella and Bev :) I would recommend Wedding Angel Events to anyone!!!! :) :) <3 <3"

Katie and David McCourt

Full Wedding Planning +Wedding Coordination

Abby and Al wedding.jpg

Incredible wedding planner that felt like a true friend!

We got married in a very obscure location therefore I knew I'd need help. I googled Maine wedding planning and Ali's service was the first to pop up and I did not need to look further. We definitely handed her a very difficult wedding dream as it was 2 hours north of Bangor (basically in Canada) in a town of 50 people where we wanted to have a 200 person wedding. She was so organized and thought of everything I never would have. She also gave really great advice and suggestions for things I couldn't quite picture. She's also not afraid to give honest advice. My wedding day as is hopefully everyone's was the best day of my life but I can honestly say it would not have been anywhere near as perfect, beautiful and smooth if we had not made the best decision to hire Wedding Angel Events. Go book them!!

You're engaged! Best wishes! Now the fun begins.  Perhaps you work full time and don't have time to plan your wedding, you're not sure where to start, or you aren't comfortable with the wedding planning process at all. No worries! We understand completely, and we're here to help.


Hiring a wedding planner is one of the smartest things you can do before starting to plan your big day. We love and enjoy planning one-of-a-kind, personal, meaningful weddings, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.  Our team will capture your individual wedding essence to help design your dream wedding, and we'll assist you throughout the whole wedding planning process. We'll advise you with venue and vendor choices, managing your budget, accompanying you to appointments, coordinating logistics, serving as your point person with vendors, etc. We do all of the legwork for you, so your planning experience will be as pleasant and stress-free as possible. 

The following is a brief overview of how we will assist with your wedding planning process! 



A big part of our job is communicating with you and with your vendors to make sure that everything will run smoothly on the day of your wedding. Since we may be your and your vendors’ main point of contact during the wedding planning process, you’ll want us to stay on top of emails and phone messages and respond in a timely fashion (usually within 24 hours). We’ll will make sure that all your vendors have all of the important information about your wedding and know where to be when—sort of serving as the coach for your “vendor team” who will ensure that everyone works together seamlessly.


Venue Selection and Tours

If you hire us at the very beginning of your wedding planning journey, we will likely play a big role in helping you choose a venue. This can be a time-consuming process that is quite different than selecting your other vendors. We will join you for venue tours and be part of the discussions and decision-making afterwards.


Vendor Meetings and Selection

At your request, we will also attend interviews and meetings with all potential vendors (and you’ll likely interview more than one vendor in each category), and help you choose which pros to hire. We’ll review contracts and can mediate any back-and-forth that might occur.


Organizing Documents

One of the least fun aspects of wedding planning is all the paperwork—and yes, there can be lots of paperwork associated with your wedding. We prepare and manage a couple’s budget, prepare and adjust their timeline regularly as we make decisions, prepare and organize their ceremony logistics, drawing and updating layouts. Keeping these documents all up to date and organized, is a big piece of what we do.


Wedding Prep

As full-service wedding planners will handle a lot of seemingly minor but very important tasks that will ensure your wedding looks and runs perfectly—and you don’t have to lift a finger. From putting together programs to arranging escort cards and setting up your favor display and ensuring each piece of décor looks as you envisioned it, as planners we have a lot to do to prepare for your wedding so that you can relax and have fun.


Wedding Management 

As your wedding planner, we will be on-site for both your ceremony rehearsal and the day of your wedding,  A full-service wedding planner usually arrives well in advance of the proceedings and stays long after to ensure that everything runs smoothly and on time, and that any hiccups, minor or major, are handled. We ensure that you and your future spouse can  focus on enjoying your ceremony and celebration! You will have at least 2 wedding coordinators on site on the day of your wedding. 


Full Wedding Planning 


* Unlimited phone and email access to us

* Establish goals, stylistic preferences and overall tone of event with you

* Source stylistic elements, props, lighting, and other components to

create a cohesive visual/stylistic theme, and compile a list of décor detail for each

area of the event space

* Assist with color choices for linens and floral arrangements

* Three venue site visits (to be completed in one day)

* Research and assist with vendor and venue selections not yet reserved ~ the perfect venue for you, photographer, DJ/live band, hair/makeup, rental company, cake designer, caterer, Bartender, transportation, and any other vendor you may want present at your wedding. 

* Assist with sourcing your venue and vendors and review their contracts (we do not sign contracts or provide deposits) 

* Confirmation of all vendors once secured

* Personalized wedding checklist

* Work with the wedding Officiant to choreograph a full rehearsal of your ceremony, including a processional and a recessional

* Pre-wedding meeting with bridal party to discuss their questions and concerns 

* Budget forms, tracking and management

* Booking and confirmation of appointments and meetings with vendors

* Floor plan creation and assist with seating chart management

* Assist with securing room blocks for out of town guests

* Create and finalize a detailed timeline and schedule of events for wedding, and email to wedding party, vendors, venue and any other client specified person

* Place order, confirm delivery and pick up arrangements of all rental items

* Assist with creating ceremony/reception programs, menus, escort cards, table numbers

* Final payments to vendors, venues if requested

* Supervise delivery of rental items


​ Wedding Management & Coordination on your wedding day 



* Work with wedding Officiant to choreograph wedding ceremony, processional and recessional 

* Remind wedding party of where they need to be the following day, and at what time. Address any last-minute questions or concerns


* Professional Coordinator for your wedding day 

* Assistant Coordinator if needed

* Coordinator checks in with wedding party and Officiant and venue staff

* Ensures ceremony space is set up according to couple's plan

* Ensures reception site is set up according to couple's plan

* Coordinate limo or car service for you to ceremony site

* Facilitate on-time arrival of hair and make-up stylists 

* Coordinate any pre-wedding meal deliveries and clean up

* Ensure all flowers arrive on time and distribute to Couple/parents/wedding party

* Final check that all floral arrangements and décor items are in their proper place

* Set up ceremony programs

* Confirm that your Officiant has arrived

* Confirm photographer and videographer arrive on time

*  Hand out printed copies of the day's timeline to all vendors

* Confirm seating arrangement and placement of parents/special guests at ceremony site

* Ensure timely arrival of wedding party to the ceremony venue

* Set up ceremony items (unity candles, sand ceremony items, etc.)

* Make sure Couple and wedding party are dressed and ready on time

* Pin boutonnieres on Father of the Bride/Groom, Groom, and groomsmen if desired

* Pin corsages on Mother of the Bride/Groom and female family members if desired


* Ensure that ushers have arrived and are ready to escort guests

* Ensure designated attendants arrive on time and are ready to pass out programs and assist with the guest book

* Alert Ushers/Groomsmen as to when to begin escorting guests to their seats

* Ensure your Officiant has the marriage license, and knows who will sign as witnesses

* Handle any emergencies that may arise

* Line up the bridal party for their walk down the aisle

* Communicate any last-minute details to the wedding party 

* Cue Ceremony musicians when bridal party is ready to begin processional

* Cue the wedding party in processional and recessional

* Gather family and bridal party and coordinate with photographer for photos after the Ceremony

* Coordinate limo or shuttle departure for the reception


* Greet and supervise your vendors and instruct them where to set up

* Make sure band, DJ or designated emcee can correctly pronounce the wedding party's names (and in the right order) for the introductions

* Check Cocktail Hour and Reception décor 

* Ensure all flowers have been set up according to plan

* For outdoor tents, make certain that lighting is arranged and working appropriately

* Meet with catering staff to confirm food timeline

* Arrange table cards, seating chart or cards, menus, set up guest book, cake cutting utensils, and champagne flutes

* Set up any amenity baskets in guest restrooms

* Assist catering and/or venue staff with remaining setup needs

* Look over guest tables and head table to confirm they are set up properly

* Review final set up before guest arrival and look for any missed details


* Execute the Schedule of events and our Timeline for your wedding smoothly and promptly.

* Liaison for all of your vendor, family, and guest questions and concerns.

* Efficiently deal with any unexpected issues that may arise 

* Ensure proper flow of Cocktail Hour food and drinks

* Encourage guests to take their seats at the appropriate time

* Help guests locate their escort cards and dining tables

* Locate Couple and the wedding party and instruct them to stay to the side of main dining area until they receive cue for their introduction

* Notify band, DJ or designated emcee when the majority of guests have found their tables and Couple and wedding party are ready to be introduced

* Notify band/DJ, photographer, videographer and immediate family members of the Couple when important events take place at the reception (i.e. first dance, parent dances, cake cutting, and toasts)

* Cue wedding party, family members and guests when they are about to be announced for toasts 

* Know the catering service's schedule, and help ensure that guests are served at the appointed time

* Collect gifts, cards, guest book and other valuable items and get them to a pre-designated area or person at our end time

  • Please note that mileage and overnight accommodations will be added to this base price 

  • An additional wedding manager will be added to your package price if your guest list exceeds 90 ppl., your ceremony & reception are in two different locations, or your venue is large and spread out (ie:  barn/farm, vineyards, private homes and/or large open space/nontraditional venues, etc.  Additional wedding manager (s) are at the discretion of Wedding Angel Events. 

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