Your Maine Elopement

Good things come in small, but still amazing, packages!

Sometimes smaller really is better. At Wedding Angel Events we believe that you should have the wedding of your dreams, even if a big wedding isn’t your style. We love weddings of all shapes and sizes and we think that even the smallest of weddings (20 guests or less) still deserve to have just as much creative thought and passion dedicated to them.

For years the word “elopement” didn’t leave much for the imagination; a quick and simple courthouse ceremony, still done in love but perhaps a bit lackluster or underwhelming. We are so happy to say that times are changing and so is our definition of the word! Just because it is small, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be full of wonder and amazement, chances are you are reading this because you feel the same way too!

That’s why we created two elopement packages - The Best Day Ever Elopement Package and the Sweet Petite Elopement Package.



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The "Best Day Ever" Elopement Package

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Good Things come in small but still amazing packages!

Your Maine Elopement

Sometimes smaller really is better. At Wedding Angel Events we believe that you should have the wedding of your dreams, even if a big wedding isn't your style. We love weddings of all shapes and sizes, and we think that even the smallest weddings (20 guests or less) still deserve to have just as much creative thought and passion dedicated to them.

For years, the word "elopement" didn't leave much to the imagination - a quick, simple courthouse ceremony, still done in love, but perhaps a bit lackluster or underwhelming. We feel that just because your wedding is small, doesn't mean it shouldn't be full of wonder and amazement! Chances are you feel the same way too.

We're happy to offer the Sweet Petite Elopement Package, which is perfect for a relaxed and beautifully understated wedding day!

Elopement Availability - 

April - October - Mon, Tues, Wed., Thurs. & Sunday. 

November - March - any day. 

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The Sweet Petite Elopement Package


 This package includes:

  • 1 ceremony planning call

  • Unlimited email support

  • Sharing  pre-written ceremonies and readings for you and your fiance to choose from for your 10 minute wedding ceremony

  • A professional Officiant to perform your wedding ceremony

  • Filing your marriage license with the city/town hall.

  • A digital copy of your marriage license

Your investment starts at $300

Please note:

Any potential venue fees, permits, travel,  and hotel accommodation costs will be added to the above investment price.

You will need two people to witness your wedding ceremony and sign your marriage certificate. You may provide those witnesses yourself, or for an additional fee of $300 Wedding Angel Events can provide two witnesses for your ceremony.

A La Carte

Any of these services may be added to your Sweet Petite Elopement Package

  • a rehearsal of your ceremony the day before $100

  • one hour of ceremony and post-ceremony coordination  $250

  • a day of ceremony timeline  $40

  • a small cutting cake  $ 25

  • a bottle of bubbly  $25

  • cheese, cracker & fruit plate  $45

 As native Mainers, we feel that Maine is the most beautiful of the 50 states. Many couples have journeyed to Maine to experience the unique natural wonder that can only be found here. They are eager to experience the tranquility and restorative effects of the change of seasons, charming villages, breathtaking stretches of coastline, and delicious local cuisine.

"Maine, the way life should be" is our state slogan, and it's also why we're such a beloved wedding destination. There are approximately 9,000 weddings each year in Maine, and though we're just a short trip from the larger cities, like Boston and New York, Maine feels worlds away from those hectic lifestyles thanks to the beauty of our landscape and the slower pace of our days.

Couples who love nature are drawn to Maine's stunning landscape, which includes 3,200 miles of coastline and hundreds of lakes, ponds and peaks.The natural splendor creates endless opportunity to ski, hike, kayak and sail. Complementing Maine's beauty is the quaint local culture, anchored in tradition. Communities are often small and close-knit, and prices for wedding vendors, food and venues tend to be much more affordable. 


A New England-Style Wedding in Maine

As a part of New England, Maine has some distinct regional flavors, particularly when it comes to cuisine. But that's not all that makes New England stand out. History is important here, and there will likely be plenty of opportunities for you to incorporate some of the state's colonial past into your Maine elopement. You can take your wedding portraits by one of the state's 65 historic lighthouses or one of the hundreds of historic sites on the National Register of Historic Places in the state, which includes both boats and buildings. Pretty much wherever you go, history will be close at hand for your wedding in Maine.

You can also incorporate elements of Maine's important maritime history by giving your wedding a subtle nautical theme. Using seashells and nautical rope in the décor or incorporating the image of one of Maine's historic sailboats into your wedding logo can help give your wedding more of a local flavor.

Top Cities or Towns in Maine to Tie the Knot

Maine has many different amazing places for you to host your wedding. From coastal Maine wedding venues to urban hotels, you can have exactly the kind of wedding you want. Wherever you choose to hold your elopement, you and your guests are sure to experience a whole lot of charm, but these three cities/towns are the most popular places in the state to get married:



Bar Harbor/Acadia National Park

After the Wedding - Your honeymoon!

There are a lot of places in Maine that are breathtakingly beautiful all year around, however, there is a clear preference toward a certain time of year for Maine weddings.

Summer and fall are overwhelmingly the favorite seasons to get married in this part of the U.S., and it makes sense. Summers are sunny and enjoyably warm without being punishingly hot, and fall brings crisp air and legendarily lovely autumnal colors to the region's deciduous trees. Ninety percent of Maine weddings take place during these two beautiful seasons, and it's easy to see why. Winter elopements in Maine are equally as beautiful with everything coated in white! Some honeymoon activities you might enjoy:


  • Moose-watching tour (available throughout the state—Maine is home to many moose; it's even the official state animal!)

  • Schooner tour (available up and down the coast)

  • Biking, hiking or camping in Acadia National Park

  • Skiing at Sugarloaf, Saddleback or Sunday River

  • Canoeing on the Allagash Waterway

  • White water rafting at the Forks

  • Visit a lighthouse (available up and down the coast)

  • See the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens

  • Visit the azelea gardens at the Asticou Inn (mid-July)