Before the glittering ball drops, the champagne flows and the New Year’s party poppers pop, you need to know what to expect in the next year. We have your back. Wedding trends in 2019 will bring metallics, color and big florals into next year’s wedding style and design. From textured walls and place settings, to balloons and macarons, it will be a unique year filled with bright colors, bright lights and bright ideas. There are big changes coming for your big day style in 2019, and we think you’re going to love them just as much as you loved blush and barns this year.

Brighten Up!

Brighter, 70’s-style colors like orange, yellow and purple are gaining ground, so we will be seeing more violet, periwinkle and peach, instead of champagne and blush neutrals. Pale pastels will be infused with life in 2019, as brighter colors pop to the forefront of wedding trends.


Spring no longer means light green and blue, and fall doesn’t require deep jewel tones. Colors are no longer seasonal, which will bring unexpected combinations throughout the year. Rich hues, especially vibrant blues, are on the rise for all seasons. Think turquoise or aqua in the fall, sky blue in the winter and royal blue in the spring. And for summer? Anything goes. Bright colors like yellow and pink, deeper colors like emerald, and everything in between is fair game for summer 2019 weddings.



Big Bloom Boom

Greenery has been adorning weddings for several years, and often it is used in lieu of flowers or with minimal floral accents. Next year, say goodbye to pale accent flowers and grab a bright bouquet. Flowers are in and they are gonna be big! From sunflowers to peonies and dahlias, 2019 flowers will be bigger and brighter than before, and while the greenery garlands are here to stay, they will be coexisting with these large, bright blooms.


Greenery is also expanding from traditional leafy strands and pine boughs to palm leaves and even succulents. Bouquets, boutonnieres and centerpieces can also incorporate succulents and cacti for an unexpected twist in any season


Photo Booths


Photo booths are the norm, but unique, organic backdrops are a new way to experiment with guest photography. Set up a greenery wall with garland, a floral wall with peonies and ranunculus, or a nautical-style array of antique oars for a unique photo area. Anything with a texture that captures the theme of your wedding can make a good photo area. A natural backdrop makes a beautiful accent piece in the reception space and becomes a hallmark of guest selfies.


The big floral trend is taking over, and in 2019 we will be stepping under floral archways. Greener, garlands, flowers and vines will adorn ceremony arches both indoors and out, and can even infuse a winter wedding with freshness.

The Industrial Revolution

We went rustic for a while – barns, raw wood benches, burlap, baby's breath and chipping paint – but now the wheels are turning again, and brides will be going for more industrial style spaces and pieces. 2019 will refine rustic to an industrial elegance, which means that barn weddings will be outranked by raw metallic spaces like refurbished factories and old warehouse-style buildings. This trend will also include more raw metal and exposed brick and concrete in decor. It’s out with the gold and in with the new; copper, bronze, chrome and silver will replace the gold and rose gold accents of 2018. Old meets new and country meets city with industrial updating rustic and redirecting next year’s wedding trends.Industrial style brings a new set of options to the table. In 2019, couples will be sticking with coordinated mix-and-match place settings. And, with all the new metals appearing in 2019, something we may see in dishware and decor this year is mixing metals, such as bronze chargers with silver-edged dinner plates.

Sign Me Up

Blackboards and palettes have been directing guests and boasting quippy quotes, hashtags and greetings for the last few years. This year there will be more transparency in wedding signage… Acrylic! These see-through signs are the next big thing for wedding information. For an unusual accent, press flowers between two acrylic panels to make the sign stand out and give a beautiful background for your hand lettering.

Experience It

Those little trinkets and cutesy favors as you leave a wedding are being left behind for 2019. Weddings next year will be more experience-focused, giving guests unique desserts, interactive drink and food stations, and video booths or virtual reality stations. With the increasing popularity of yard games at weddings, these experience-based receptions and interactive stations add a new element to reception entertainment.


And speaking of experience, while hashtags are still in, live tweeting, streaming or insta-ing a wedding is definitely out. More couples in 2019 will ask guests to put away their phones for the ceremony and let the photographer and videographer capture it instead.